Zin/Zan (zinnia_zeroth) wrote,

Not Everything Has To Mean Things

I think I have come out of Thanksgiving a little less stressed and terrified and maybe fighting with a little less of myself (but I'm not done fighting by a longshot).  And apparently I'm actually listening to a little music that I haven't already playlisted to death.

Amontiock, "Hufflepuff Puff Pass" (let's be real, if I were at Hogwarts, I'd be a loser Hufflepuff and not living this life.)
Beyonce, "All Night"
Jenny Owen Youngs, "Pirates" (is it a real thing that music is better once the artist starts a Buffy rewatch podcast?) (I think she was better yesterday though?)
okay but Jenny Owen Youngs, "Welcome to the Hellmouth"  (spoilers for the first ep. of Buffy, but really, you've seen it.)
I feel like somehow the most emblematic Steven Universe songs are "Giant Woman" and "Stronger Than You."  Although in some ways maybe "It's Over, Isn't It" is the best?  This is a rabbit hole, of course.
If you want an accurate Zan listening experience, repeat "All Night" a couple more times.

I'm clearly writing cover letters right now.
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